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1.  Will we have school this fall? 

Yes! Lord-willing, we will begin school on August 18, and will have in-person learning at school each day.

2.  Will there be additional precautionary measures for students as they come to school? 

Yes, we will be taking temperatures each morning as students arrive at school. We will also encourage more frequent hand washing and will have hand sanitizer available throughout the building. In addition, students will be asked to bring a water bottle to school as our drinking fountains will not be available for use.

3.  Will my student be required to wear a mask? 

We will not require lower elementary (K3-2nd) students to wear masks . Third through 12th grade students will be asked to wear masks between classes, in the hallways, and at the locker areas. If you are more comfortable with your student wearing a mask throughout the school day, we are happy to support your decision. 

4.  Are there additional cleaning procedures in place? 

Yes, our staff will be trained to disinfect and sanitize our facility on a daily basis. Common areas will be cleaned throughout the day. Upper school teachers will sanitize between each class period as well as at the end of the day. Elementary teachers will sanitize their rooms each day.

5.  What if…? 

You will see in the full document (linked above) that we have plans for different levels of community spread. With increased governmental restrictions comes the increased chance of distance learning. While we pray that this does not happen, we are already working on plans to make that as smooth a transition as possible should it become necessary.

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